The Ancient and Accepted Rite in Norfolk extends over the same geographical area administered by The Craft Province of Norfolk. There are 15 Chapters administered by an Inspector General with a District Recorder. Individual Chapters have their own Recorder (secretary).

The District of Norfolk was inaugurated on the 4th March 1998 when the new District of Cambridge and Isle of Ely was also formed thus completing the division of the old District of East Anglia.

Albert Edward Chapter No 87 is the oldest Chapter in the District having been consecrated in December 1880. Clarence Chapter No 116 also dates back to the late 1800’s having been consecrated in June 1891.

Chapters In The District of Norfolk

Chapters in Norfolk District with their meeting place and date of Consecration

9 Dec 1880

Meeting at Kings Lynn

15 June 1891

Meeting at Norwich

26 March 1923

Meeting at Gt. Yarmouth

15 Oct 1962

Meeting at Dereham

18 June 1969

3 March 1975

Meeting at Downham Market

7 July 1977

Meeting at Thetford

29 Jan 1979

Meeting at Gt. Yarmouth

4 Nov 1980

14 Jan 1982

Meeting at Wroxham

22 Sept 1992

Meeting at Wymondham

25 Nov 2002

Meeting at Gt. Yarmouth

20 March 2003

Meeting at Norwich (Drayton)

7 Oct 2008


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