Norfolk Sovereigns Chapter No. 1150

The Royal Assembly Rooms, Albert Square, Gt Yarmouth. NR30 3JH

WARRANT: 12 September 2002      CONSECRATED: 25 November 2002

Second Monday October

Peripatetic (normally Downham Market) at 6:30pm

and Fourth Saturday June (E)

Great Yarmouth 11:00am (White Table)

Mose Wise Sovereign:   Dr. J. D. Torrens

Recorder: D. J. Tucker

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20.10 | 15:47

Tentative research into Rose Croix as a next possible step for myself later in 2022, very informative especially the history.

02.07 | 18:50

A very interesting and informative website.

29.06 | 14:44

Pleased to see the history very informative.

29.06 | 14:43

Very helpful and interesting.